Timber Frame

Cost Saving Efficiency

Timber frame is a highly efficient modern method of construction (MMC). A precision engineered structure that is remarkably strong, durable and increasingly favoured by the energy conscious consumer. Saving time during construction, improving buildabilty and simplifying site management. The timber frame method of building gives designers flexibility in both layout and external appearance. Dry construction not only saves time on site, but means that decorations can be carried out soon after completion of the building, without the risk of cracking and deterioration of finishes.

Today, all buildings must conform to new thermal efficiency standards and timber is a natural insulator, enhancing the efficiency of the insulation materials. Highly levels of thermal insulation are incorporated within the construction, enabling timber frame homes to heat up quickly in the winter months and that heat is retained, reducing costs and conserving energy. While in the summer, the insulation will keep your house cool and comfortable.

A Renewable Resource

Timber is recognised as the only renewable construction material and the softwoods used in timber frame are sourced from the coniferous forests of Scandinavia, North America and Britain. The trees are grown in managed forests, ensuring that more trees are planted than felled. Today there is twice as much lumber in the Nordic forests than there was 100 years ago.

Noise Reduction

Regardless of how they are fitted, good quality timber floors will create impact sound. By installing compartmental flooring systems underneath hardwood flooring, particularly in two storey houses, we reduce impact and air-borne noises by 40%.


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